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Welcome to Digital-Photo-Tutor.com

Hello! Thanks for dropping in to learn more about who’s behind Digital-Photo-Tutor.

My name is Laura, and as the author and designer of Digital-Photo-Tutor, and someone who has had an interest in digital photos since the first digital cameras were on the market (way back in the mid 1990’s), I was motivated to build a site dedicated to all aspects of the digital photos themselves. However, the industry was changing too fast, so I focused on learning more about photography.

Even though I’ve been working with digital photos as a hobby for many, many years, there is always more to learn as the technology and tools change. I have recently revamped this site to display my images, and over time I will add information if appropriate. For now, please enjoy my images, and if you would like to purchase any, please contact me using the Contact Me link above.

All images on this site are copyrighted (c) LauraKate Photography.

All the information on Digital-Photo-Tutor.com is simply my opinion and your experiences might be different. Please feel free to email me using our Contact Us form.  I look forward to your return visit.